How Much Did Selina Tested make? Full Breakdown

How Much Did Selina Tested Make

How Much did Selina Tested Make after 2 years of becoming one of the leading Nollywood episode movies that ever graced our screen?

With more than 27 episodes released by Lightweight entertainment, it is no doubt that the producer of Selina tested, Manuchim Praize also known as Odogwu has generated a good amount of revenue from Selina tested movie with more episodes still being uploaded.

Starting from the first episode of Selina Tested movie which was released on youtube on the 7th of Dec 2020, to the current episodes which are still being released, Selina tested has made over ₦67,334,967 revenue from the movie in the space of 2 years as of the time of writing this post. The producer and writer of Selina tested movie, Odogwu, and his team came into the limelight in 2020 after dropping the first episode of Selina Tested.

How Much Did Selina Tested Make

This ₦67,334,967 Lightweight Entertainment has made from Selina tested movie is just from youtube alone, minus other sources of income and endorsement deals Selina tested has generated for lightweight entertainment which is what i am going to be breaking down below.

In this article, I am going to be sharing with you how much Selina tested has made so far and a complete breakdown of how they were able to generate that huge amount of money and more in the space of 2 years after hitting the spotlight.

How Much Did Selina Tested make?

How Much Did Selina Tested Make

Here is a complete breakdown of how Selina tested made over ₦67,334,967 from youtube alone.

Content creators make money from youtube by uploading their content on youtube and monetizing the content on the platform.

A million views on youtube is approximately $3000 depending on the number of adverts the content creator activates on his/her videos.

99% of Selina-tested episodes posted on Lightweight entertainment’s Youtube channel have more than 1 million views on each video with lots of adverts on it, and Lightweight Entertainment has posted more than 27 episodes of the movie on their channel.

Check below the full breakdown of how much did Selina tested make in their 2 years of dropping different episodes of the movie, Selina tested.

How Much Did Selina Tested Make Per Episode
Episode 11.7 Million Views$5100
Episode 21.6 Million Views$4800
Episode 31.2 Million Views$3600
Episode 4834k Views$2400
Episode 51.2 Million Views$3600
Episode 61.1 Million Views$3300
Episode 71 Million Views$3000
Episode 8918k Views$2700
Episode 91.1 Million Views$3300
Episode 101.2 Million Views$3600
Episode 111.2 Million Views$3600
Episode 121.2 Million Views$3600
Episode 131.5 Million Views$4500
Episode 141.8 Million Views$5400
Episode 152 Million Views$6000
Episode 162.1 Million Views$6300
Episode 172.3 Million Views$6900
Episode 182.5 Million Views$7500
Episode 192.8 Million Views$8400
Episode 203 Million Views$9000
Episode 213.4 Million Views$10,200
Episode 222.8 Million Views$8400
Episode 233.1 Million Views$9300
Episode 243.6 Million Views$10,800
Episode 253 Million Views$9000
Episode 262.9 Million Views$8700
Episode 272.7 Million Views$8100
TOTAL AMOUNT53.8 Million Views$161,100

This money that has been generated from Selina tested movie is only from youtube. There are other videos that lightweight entertainment has been posting on their channel apart from Selina Tested movie which is not computed in that breakdown as we are only focusing on how much did Selina Tested make 2 years after releasing more than 27 episodes.

Selina Tested Crew Members Became Influencer For Brands, Including 1xbet

Apart from Selina tested generating revenue of over ₦67,334,967 from youtube, it has opened more doors for the producer and the team as they have become brand ambassadors for many brands, including 1xbet which is a betting platform, and they have featured in some skits with some popular comedians like OGB.

The money they made from 1xbet, movie features, etc, is not known at the time of writing this article.

If Selina tested is generating this huge amount of money for the producer, Odogwu, and the crew, what then is the Net worth of the producer and owner of Lightweight Entertainment, Manuchim Praize, and the actors? See the Net worth Of Manuchim Praize here.


I hope you were able to get a full insight into how much did Selina Tested make? drop your comment below if this article was helpful.

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