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3rd Marriage Nigerian Movie


Angie and JD return from their dream honeymoon only to find their marital bliss shattered by unexpected guests and hidden agendas.

Amidst the opulent backdrop of their newlywed life, Angie’s best friend Aunie’s arrival sets off a chain of events that thrusts their relationship into turmoil. Accusations of theft and betrayal tear at the fabric of their trust, while JD wrestles with conflicting loyalties between his wife and his family.

As Angie’s behavior grows increasingly erratic, JD finds himself drawn into a web of deception and doubt. Dark secrets from their past begin to surface, threatening to unravel the fragile foundation of their marriage.

With each twist and turn, the stakes heighten, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Will JD uncover the truth behind Angie’s mysterious past? Can their love withstand the trials that threaten to tear them apart?

In this spellbinding tale of love and intrigue, every scene unravels a new layer of suspense, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the complexities of Angie and JD’s relationship. As emotions run high and secrets unfold, the audience is left craving answers and eager to uncover the ultimate truth that lies beneath the surface.

Prepare for a cinematic journey that explores the depths of love, betrayal, and redemption—a story that will captivate hearts and minds alike, leaving you breathless until the final frame.

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3rd Marriage

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Movie Information
Movie Name: 3rd Marriage Nigerian Movie
Duration: 01 Hour, 51 Minutes, 00 Seconds
Movie Size: 386.72 MB
Movie Format To Download: 360p & 720p Mp4 Video
Language: English

How 3rd Marriage Nigerian Movie Cast

  • Ruth Kadiri
  • Deza The Great

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