All BBN 2022 Housemates Season 7 Names, Age & Pictures – 22 Level Up Contestants In Bb Naija House

BBN 2022 Housemates Season 7

Another Season and twist of Big Brother Naija 2022 have started and this time around, 12 housemates, out of 22 housemates, have been sent into a part of the big brother Naija season 7 house, on the starting day of Big Brother Naija 2022, which was on Saturday, 23rd of July 2022.

And the remaining 12 housemates have been sent into the second part of the BBN season 7 house on Sunday 24th of July 2022, where they will compete against themselves for the grand prize.

Just like every other BBnaija season, This year’s BBN 2022 Housemates, both males, and females have all the qualities they need to succeed in the house, ranging from Beauty, Handsomeness, class, Outspoken, Vibes, and every other thing you can think about that qualifies a good housemate to be in the Big brother Naija season 7 house.

I am going to be showing you all the housemates that big brother has chosen to grace your screen and entertain you for the next 72 days, and also sharing with you their names and of course their pictures, and a little biography about them, so you know them any time you come across them on your Tv screen.

Let’s get started!

How many Housemates in BBN 2022? There are 22 BBN 2022 housemates admitted into the house and not all of them are in the same house. 12 of the housemates are on one side of the house and the other 12 housemates are on another side of the house. What a twist in this year’s big brother Naija season 7 right?

Totally different from what we have seen in the past big brother season 5 and season 6.

If you are wondering what names these current big brother Naija housemates are called and what they look like, below are the big brother Naija season 7 housemates names.

Names Of All The BBN 2022 Housemates season 7

Who are the new BBN housemates? see the list of all the BBN housemates below:

  • Ilebaye
  • Beauty
  • Bryann
  • Christy .O.
  • Khalid
  • Groovy
  • Cyph
  • Daniella
  • Amaka
  • Kess
  • Pharmsavi
  • Phyna
  • Adekunle
  • Eloswag
  • Bella
  • Dianna
  • Doyin
  • Dotun
  • Chichi
  • Groovy
  • Hermes
  • Giddyfia

Big brother Naija season 7 Housemates names and pictures

Here are all the Big Brother Naija 2022 Housemate’s pictures, names, and ages in no particular order:


Ilebaye big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Meet Illebaye, a 23 years old graduate of Criminology and Security. Illebaye is one of the BBN 2022 housemates this season. She is also an entrepreneur who does business aside from what she studied in school.

according to Illebaye, she said no one can catch her having sex in the house. Well, Time will tell.


Beauty big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Prior to Big Brother Naija season 7, beauty had done well for herself by being the 43ʳᵈ person to win a beauty Pageant. In 2019 beauty was crowned Miss Nigeria.

Beauty hails from Taraba state and believes she can achieve anything she puts her mind on.


Bryann big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Bryann is a 24-year-old Imo state boy, who is a musician. According to Bryann, he said that he is down to earth and sometimes forgets things.

Christy O

Christy .O. big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Christy is a 24-year-old Beauty entrepreneur who is also into modeling in her free time. According to her, she is a perfectionist and not usually satisfied with results especially when the task is being performed by someone else.


khalid big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Khalid is one of the BBN 2022 housemates who is into graphic design and Muralist. Khalid is 21 years old and according to him, he loves skateboarding, archery, and watching anime.

Khalid is from Plateau State.


Groovy big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

26 years old Groovy is from Anambra State and describes himself as a principled person. Groovy is an Artist, Fashion entrepreneur, and Model.


Cyph big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Meet the 27 years old Cyph who is from Anambra state and loves travel, fashion, and food. According to Cyph, he is that BBN 2022 housemates who love to cry, but not for love though.


Daniella Peters big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Daniella is from Cross River State and she is a poet, writer, and singer. She believes that no one should be bullied and hates bullies with passion. Daniella is a twin and she believes that nobody can predict her.


Amaka big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Amaka is a 23-year-old health care worker who is from Anambra State, Nigeria. She believes that she talks too much and that might upset some of the housemates.


Kess big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Kess is a married man who hails from Delta State, Nigeria and he is also a businessman. Kess believes that he can sing but not like Wandecoal kind of voice, dance, and act.


Pharmsavi big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Pharmsavi is from Akwa Ibom state and he is a pharmacist who loves to play video games, table tennis, and travel in his free time. Pharmsavi is also a perfectionist just like his fellow housemates Christy .O. They love things to be done the right way.


Phyna big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

“Na Mumu Dey Fall In Love” according to Phyna. Meet Phyna who hails from Edo State, Nigeria. She is a stand-up comedian and a hype woman.


Allysyn big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

25 years old Allysyn is a sales and marketing executive for a popular vehicle brand company and she is also into modeling. According to her she creates her own lips gloss product when she is not working.


Diana big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Diana is from Edo State, Nigeria, born and brought up in France. Diana works as a project manager and she is currently 33 years old. Apart from being a project manager, Diana sees herself acting in the future, probably after big brother Naija season 7. being part of the BBN 2022 housemates, She believes the platform will help her in achieving that goal of being an actress.


Chomsy big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Meet Chomsy the 23 years old housemate who is a twerker and into modeling and is also an entrepreneur. She loves traveling and sewing also when she is not working.


Dotun Oloniyo big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Dotun is a 26-year-old Medical Physiologist who loves going to the gym, watching movies, cooking, and gardening when he is not saving lives in the hospital. Dotun was crowned Mr. Tourism Nigeria in 2018.


Adekunle big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Adekunle is a 27 years old digital marketing consultant who believes he is always right and might annoy some of the housemates in the big brother house with that which he believes in.


Chichi big brother naija 2022 housemate

Meet the 22-year-old stripper who is among the BBN 2022 housemates. Chichi is from Anambra state, Onisha, Nigeria. Chichi is a stripper and also a chef. Chi Chi loves to swim and dance.


Doyin big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Doyin is a 22 years old medical radiographer who believes that she looks more like Michelle Obama and Cardi B in terms of personality. Doyin loves to party and read.


Bella big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Bella should be the president of heartbreak by now because according to her, she has been served a lot of breakfast by different guys. Bella graduated from the University of Lagos and she loves swimming, and photography when she is idle. Bella is 25 years old.



27 years old Sheggs started as a professional footballer but he got injured and started acting. Aside from being a footballer, Sheggs is also an actor and he has featured in some popular movies.


Eloswag big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Eloswag is confident and has the swag to keep other BBN 2022 housemates entertained. Eloswag is from Lagos and he is 27 years old, a digital marketer and content creator.


Giddyfia big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

Giddyfia is a 24-year-old engineer who loves laughing. Giddyfia won Male Physique Of The Year in 2019.


Hermes Ileye big brother Naija season 7 Housemate

According to Hermes, he has the personality trait of being truthful all the time and saying it as it is. Hermes is a dancer who has had the opportunity as a performing artist to be featured in Burnaboy, Davido, and Ajebor Hustler’s music videos.

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when is big brother Naija 2022 starting

Bigbrother Naija 2022/2023 has started and it started on the 23rd of July 2022. Currently showing live on Gotv channel 29 and DSTV channel 198 and Channel 199

How To Watch big brother Naija season 7 live

To watch big brother Naija season 7 live, you will have to subscribe to either GOTV or DSTV to watch it live as it happens on either your phone or your Television. You can also subscribe to the Showmax app and also watch it live from your phone.

But if you don’t have money to subscribe and you really want to see BBN 2022 housemates live, you can log on to your Facebook account and search for big brother Naija season 7 live and it will show the results of pages that are airing the program live on their account. Click and enjoy.


I don’t know what big brother Naija season 8 housemates holds for us next year, but what I know is that I am here to enjoy every bit of big brother 2022 housemates and what they have to keep me glued to my screen.

There you have it, BBN 2022 housemates.

The BB Naija show time is every day for the next 72 days.

Drop your comment below if you have a favorite housemate already.

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