Manuchim Praize: Biography, Net worth, Age, And Wife

Manuchim Praize also known as Odogwu is the owner and brainbox behind Selina Tested and Light Weight Entertainment, and he hails from Port Harcourt, River State Nigeria. He has shown professionalism in his career over the years as an actor, producer, and writer.

Manuchim Praize

If you have watched Selina Tested movie, you would have seen how interesting and Intriguing the movie is and started wondering about the brainbox behind the movie Selina tested.

I am going to be sharing with you everything I know about Manuchim Praize also known as Odogwu of Selina tested that you should also know about.

Let’s dive in!

Manuchim Praize Biography

One would have thought that raw talents were enough to produce such a magnificent movie but guess what, Manuchim Praize who wrote Selina tested, was a student at the Nigeria Film Academy in 2011 and he is a graduate who studied Computer Engineering.

looking at his educational background, Selina tested was not just produced or written by having just talents alone.

Manuchim Praize, who is also the director of Selina tested has shown that raw talent, school, exposure, and experience are what it takes to produce such a good and quality movie that puts everyone on their toes while watching.

Manuchim Praize, who is the owner of lightweight entertainment hails from Port Harcourt, Ikwe local govt area, Rivers State Nigeria. He has a passion for writing, producing, and acting.

Odogwu Of Selina Tested (Light Weight Entertainment) Wikipedia Profile

Real NameManuchim Praize
NicknameTee-praize, Odogwu, And Black Lion
The location where he currently staysPort Harcourt
Local Government AreaIkwe In River State
ProfessionMovie Producer, Script Writer, Director, And Actor
EducationStudied Computer Science and further went to Nigerian Film Academy
School Year2011
SisterRitz Imoh
BrotherSolomon Imoh
HobbiesLoves music, Acting, and loves Producing movies
Skin ColorChocolate brown
The popular movie produced so farSelina Tested

Odogwu Of Selina Tested Age

Odogwu of Selina tested is currently in his late 20s. He was born in the 1990s, in Cross Rivers state, Nigeria.

Odogwu Of Selina Tested Wife

Odogwu of Selina tested is currently not married to anybody at the moment. so you can shoot your shots as a lady.

Manuchim Praize Networth

At the time of writing this article, his net worth is yet to be known. From what I gathered, speculations have it that, Odogwu of Selina Tested net worth is estimated to be around $100k – $200k.

2. Who Is The Owner Of Selina Tested

Manuchim Praize A.K.A Odogwu of Selina tested is the owner of the Selina tested movie and he is also the writer and producer of Selina Tested movie. He is also featured in the movie as Odogwu, who is the uncle to Bellema, the daughter of Odogwu’s sister in the movie.

3. Who is Odogwu Selina Tested

A lot of people sometimes get confused about both names. Odogwu is still Manuchim Praize A.K.A Odogwu of Selina tested. Odogwu is his Nickname and the other is his real name.

Odogwu of Selina tested also has other names which are Black Lion and Tee-Praize. Should in case you hear any of these names, just know that it’s Manuchim Praize that is being referred to.

Manuchim Praize

What Is Selina Tested

When a person uses black magic to protect themselves from a sharp object or gunshot piercing through their body then it is referred to as being selina tested in port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

In the Holy-ground in Selina Tested movie, one has to be selina tested(fortified) to be able to leave there. They believe that is the only way by which they can leave in the society due to the ruggedness of the people living in the society.

How popular Is Selina Tested?

The movie Selina Tested has sparked a lot of interest as the movie is currently trending #1 at the time of writing this article. The movie estimated views per episode hit 1 million-plus on youtube and over 1 million searches per month on Google which makes it become the most anticipated episode movie currently.

From the information I have been able to gather on the movie, the movie became popular due to the port Harcourt slang, pidgin language, action, and suspense of the movie. People felt connected to the movie because it’s a language that is easily understandable in Nigeria.

Watch And Download Selina Tested Full movie: Selina Tested Ep 1-25

Manuchim Praize Social Media Handle

At the moment you can connect with Odogwu of Selina tested on Instagram and his Instagram handle name is @odogwu_selinatested

Who Is The Producer Of Selina Tested

Manuchim Praize Aka Odogwu is the writer and producer of Selina Tested. He was a student at the Nigerian Film Academy in 2011.

Even as a producer of the movie, he also acted in the movie as the uncle to Bellema, the daughter of Odogwu’s sister in the movie.


Manuchim Praize Aka Odogwu has come to stay in the Nollywood industry and has sure put other movie producers and writers on their toes. If he continues to write such powerful movie scripts, am afraid he is going to take over as one of the best movie producers in Nigeria.

Did we miss anything in this article about Manuchim Praize? drop your comment below.

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