Selina Tested Episode 12 (Sakrakum Part 2)

Chiboy’s sister and the mother meet on the other side of the world. Is that the reason she decided to die?  find out below!

Selina Tested Episode 12 takes a new turn as Chiboy’s sister and the mother meet each other on the other side. The meeting didn’t last long. Are they really Alive or Dead?

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Selina tested episode 12

On the other hand, the assassin that assassinated Aboy’s family has finally met with Aboy. Will Aboy survive this storm?

Selina Tested file Information:
File Format: 360p (Mp4)
File size: 139.7mb

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Selina Tested Episode 12 Movie Cast

  • Mc Prophet
  • Famous Patrick
  • Manuchim Praize Odogwu
  • Wizdom Isiguzo
  • Mimi Nessa
  • Maryland Nlerum
  • Gabriella Ogbonnaya As Bellema
  • Michael Abba
  • Aye Otto
  • Gwill
  • Sibi Steve
  • Dj Key
  • Drela Onyema

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