Who is Dera In Selina Tested? (Drela Onyema), Full Biography, Real Age, Father, & Boyfriend

who is dera in selina tested (Picture)
who is dera in selina tested

Drela Onyema who is Dera in Selina tested is an actress featured in the movie, Selina tested, which is produced by Lightweight entertainment.

Dera came into Limelight in 2020 after the movie Selina tested got seen by millions of people in Nigeria and around the world. She played the role of a girlfriend to Aboy in Selina tested Movie.

Viewers were thrilled by Dera’s role in the movie and how well she played the character of the girlfriend to Aboy who deals with guns and other harmful objects, knowing fully well her life is in danger in the movie.

Selina Tested movie is now the top Nollywood episode movie currently on youtube with over 55 Million views on youtube from 2020 – 2022.

See the full breakdown here of how much Selina Tested Has made so far.

In this article, I am going to tell you all you need to know about who is Dera in Selina tested, who Dera’s father is, how old Dera is at the moment, who Drela Oyema is married to, & other things you also don’t know about Dera.

Let’s Dive in!

Who is Dera In Selina Tested [Biography]

Dera who is Drela Onyema is an actress who stars in the movie Selina tested, a Nigerian movie.

Apart from Acting, Dera is also a musician who loves singing when she is not acting.

Drela Onyema who is Dera in Selina Tested is a graduate of Abia State University, Nigeria. She studied International Relations from 2017 – 2021.

Drela who is Dera in Selina Tested is yet to go for her Youth service due to the ongoing ASUU strike at the time of writing this post in 2022.

Apart from acting and singing, the Portharcourt-based actress is a reality Tv host and an entrepreneur.

who is dera in selina tested
Full NameChidera Emmanuella Onyema
ParentMr. and Mrs. Onyema
OccupationActress, Musician, Reality Tv Host
School AttendedAbia State University
She StudiedInternational Relation

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What Is Dera’s Real Name In Selina Tested

Selina tested actress, Dera’s real name is Chidera Emmanuella Onyema, but people know her by the name she answered in Selina tested movie as Dera. She also has another name which is Drela Onyema.

Chidera Emmanuella Onyema abbreviated her name from “Chidera” to “Dera” which is the name she answered in Selina tested movie.

How Old Is Dera In Selina Tested?

Chidera Emmanuella Onyema who is Dera in Selina tested, date of birth is, the 22nd of December 1990s. She is currently in her early 20s.

Fans have been curious to know the actress’s real age, but she refused to answer the question but gave a clue of how old she really is.

Where Is Dera In Selina Tested From?

Dera is from Abia state, Nigeria. She is based and lives in port Harcourt City, Nigeria. That is the city the Selina tested actress met her crew, Aboy, Chiboy, Belima, Smaller, and Odugwu.

Watch the video of Dera mentioning the state she comes from in Nigeria.

Is Dera Aboy’s girlfriend?

Many Fans believe that Dera is Aboy’s girlfriend because of the connection they had in the movie, Selina tested. In the movie Selina tested, Dera is Aboy’s Girlfriend, but in real life, Dera is not dating Aboy.

Drela Onyema who is Dera in Selina tested movie, has come out to debunk the news spreading around the internet. According to Dera, Aboy is her friend and work colleague who she knew through Selina’s tested movie.

Watch the video of Dera clearing the air about dating Aboy.

Is Dera Aboy's Girlfriend? Selina Tested Actor, Drela Onyema Speaks About Dating Aboy.

Who is Dera To Aboy?

Dera is a colleague to Aboy and nothing else according to Dera. Actors can have a deep connection in a movie they play in with someone else and not feel anything for that person after that movie. That’s why they are called actors.

If Dera is not dating Aboy, then who is she dating at the moment?

Is Drela Onyema Married?

Drela Onyema who is Dera in Selina Tested movie is currently not married at the time of writing this post. According to Dera, she is still single and probably not searching.

Did Aboy Love Dera In Selina Tested?

Aboy and Dera’s love in Selina tested movie was one-sided at the beginning of the movie when Dera first met Aboy, but as time goes on and Dera continues pushing, Aboy started liking Dera in the movie.

Yes, Aboy did love Dera in Selina tested movie after some time of knowing her in the movie.

Did Dera Die In Selina Tested?

Dera did not die in Selina tested movie. She is that girl that has seven lives because she has escaped being killed a number of times in the movie, while going to see Aboy in his house, in Holy ground.

Who is Dera’s Father in Selina Tested?

Dera’s biological father is Mr. Onyema and he is from Abia state, Nigeria. At the time of writing this article, there is not much information about Dera’s biological father.

But in the movie, Selina Tested,

Dera’s father in Selina tested is Don. Don who is Dera’s father in Selina tested is a very wealthy man in the movie and he has so many investments across the globe.

However, Dera’s father in Selina tested killed Aboy’s parents just to inherit their land. He tries to wipe the entire family of Aboy out just to take over their property, but only Aboy survived the attack.

Now Aboy is out to revenge on his family’s death and take over what rightly belongs to him from Don, which you will be seeing in Selina tested episode 29, which will be uploaded on our website soon.

Pictures Of Dera In Selina tested

who is dera in selina tested (Picture)
who is dera in selina tested

Dera Selina Tested Instagram?

Dera of Selina tested also known as Drela Onyema Instagram account Handle is @Officialdrelaonyema

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is drela onyema from In Nigeria?

Drela Onyema is from Abia State Nigeria but is based in Port Harcourt City, River State, Nigeria.


Now you know who is Dera in Selina Tested and her relationship with Aboy. Comment below if this post was able to answer all your questions about who is Dera in Selina Tested.

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