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Selina tested

I know you might be asking why is everyone talking about this movie. What is the fuse that got people talking about Selina Tested? Isn’t it like every other Nigerian movie that we see every day? what is different.

Selina Tested is a movie that shows how society shapes children at the early stage of their lives. We have seen so many children who have grown up to become what they never thought of becoming.

A lot of children have been neglected by their parents and allow society to train their children on their behalf. The movie opened a lot of future and current parents’ eyes to see the damages that can happen when they allow their children to be trained by society.

The movie tackles the lapses we see every day in our society and opened our eyes to see how society can change a little child from good to bad and from bad to good especially the cultism part of it.

In this post, I am going to be breaking down all the fuse about Selina Tested and I am going to be dropping all the Download links for you to watch and download.

Before I continue, here are all the download Links to Selina Tested Movie.


Before watching, make sure you are well-grounded in pidgin or Porthacourt language. If not you might find it difficult to understand the movie.

Don’t worry if you can’t hear the Pidgin/Porthacourt language, We have Listed all the slang used in the movie below. Please check them out before you watch.

Watch And Download the Complete Episode Of Selina Tested

These are all the episodes that are out for now. we will constantly update when new episodes come out.

Selina Tested Episode 1

Click here to download and watch: Episode 1

Selina Tested Episode 2

Click here to download and watch: Episode 2

Selina Tested Episode 3

Click here to download and watch: Episode 3

Selina Tested Episode 4

Click here to download and watch: Episode 4

Selina Tested Episode 5

Click here to download and watch: Episode 5

Selina Tested Episode 6

Click here to download and watch: Episode 6

Selina Tested Episode 7

Click here to download and watch: Episode 7

Selina Tested Episode 8

Click here to download and watch: Episode 8

Selina Tested Episode 9

Click here to download and watch: Episode 9

Selina Tested Episode 10

Click here to download and watch: Episode 10

Selina Tested Episode 11

Click here to download and watch: Episode 11

Selina Tested Episode 12

Click here to download and watch: Episode 12

Selina Tested Episode 13

Click here to download and watch: Episode 13

Selina Tested Episode 14

Click here to download and watch: Episode 14

Selina Tested Episode 15

Click here to download and watch: Episode 15

Selina Tested Episode 16

Click here to download and watch: Episode 16

Selina Tested Episode 17

Click here to download and watch: Episode 17

Selina Tested Episode 18

Click here to download and watch: Episode 18

Selina Tested Episode 19

Click here to download and watch: Episode 19

Selina Tested Episode 20

Click here to download and watch: Episode 20

Selina Tested Episode 21

Click here to download and watch: Episode 21

Selina Tested Episode 22

Click here to download and watch: Episode 22

Selina Tested Episode 23

Click here to download and watch: Episode 23

Selina Tested Episode 24

Click here to download and watch: Episode 24

Selina Tested Episode 25

Click here to download and watch: Episode 25

What Is Selina Tested

Selina tested is when a person is using black magic to protect himself from any harm. Selina tested is a word used in place of Fortification. The word Selina tested is a popular language that is being used in Porthacourt state, Nigeria. If a sharp object or gunshot cannot pierce through a person’s body, then the person is Selina Tested i.e Fully fortified.

How Many Episodes Is Selina Tested?

The movie is still in its first season and so far 25 episodes have been released and more episodes are coming. It has been confirmed that each episode is released every month. So be on the lookout for new episodes on our website.

Popular Slangs In Selina Tested

  • Ruggedility tested, brutality confirmed – Fully equipped
  • Your face show your shoe shine – You are doing okay
  • Disembark – Get out of here
  • Lap – Come Here/visit
  • Signal don contact on a zero-zero hour – Information has gotten to us.
  • Cuprisone my Caprisone – Understand what am saying
  • Cuprisone – Understand
  • Caprisone – Saying/talking
  • Malle – Mother
  • Delete – Get out.
  • You don price market – you have found trouble
  • E clear – No problem
  • You go collect – you will be dealt with
  • I go put am for your body woto-woto – I will beat you
  • Barnie – Baby girl
  • I go throw men overboard – I will kill
  • Dissolve – Go away
  • I don achieve am – I have collected it
  • We go relate – We will meet
  • I no get Joy – am not happy
  • Put me on my eleven digit – Call me
  • Easy your pressure – Calm down
  • I wan facebook you – I want to see you.
  • Buy relaxer – Go and chill
  • You dey whine my nipple? – Are you joking with me?
  • Every shaking tree is a target – No man is trusted
  • You get the Odordor – You have the mind
  • I no get capper – I don’t have a phone
  • Capper – Phone
  • Jazz up – Get ready/stand up
  • Intel – Informant
  • Weeder – Who are you
  • Suicide – Friend
  • Capless – Talkless
  • Recabade – Shoot
  • Amah – Hood/Area
  • Manchi – Man/Woman/Boy/Girl/Human being

Selina Tested Movie Casts

  • Mc Prophet as Tallest
  • Famous Patrick as Chiboy
  • Manuchim Praize as Odogwu
  • Wizdom Isiguzo as Priest
  • Mimi Nessa as Mimi
  • Maryland Nlerum
  • Gabriella Ogbonnaya
  • Michael Abba as Smaller
  • Aye Otto as Aboy
  • Gwill as Wonder Boy
  • Sibi Steve as Sibi
  • Dj Key as Trigger
  • Drela Onyema as Dera
  • Nelson Aggi as Don

Who Produced Selina Tested?

Manuchim Praize

The producer of this great movie is Manuchim Praize. He was also featured in the movie as one of the lead actors. Odogwu by name in the movie and an uncle to Bellema. A great actor and a producer.

Characters In Selina Tested

Who is Aboy In Selina Tested?

Selina tested Aboy

Aboy parents were killed by unknown gunmen when he was a child and he was the only surviving child of his entire family that survived the attack. Immediately after the demise of Aboy’s parents, Aboy was left with no other choice than to allow society to train him. Aboy and his friend Chiboy started carrying guns at a tender age.

Aboy is calculative, smart, and intelligent. He never looks for anyone’s trouble except they look for his trouble before he reacts.

Aboy has forces that want him dead but his Chi(God) has always been with him right after the death of his parent.


Selina tested chiboy

Talking about Chiboy, who is chiboy and how did he come into the picture?

Well, he only has a mother but no father. Chiboy is someone that I will say is a very hurt temper person. Little things get him angry quickly. chiboy started being friends with Aboy right from when they were little. The both of them literally do everything together.

They both started stealing right from their childhood, till they become adults. Chiboy is not calculative when it comes to hunting his enemies. Maybe that’s why Aboy and Chiboy complement each other.

TallestSelina tested Tallest

Tallest: This guy called Tallest has 99 lives. In fact, he is a child of grace.

Tallest is another child that grew up in the hood and allowed society to change him badly.

He has always been a troublesome child right from when he was little. he can steal anything he sees as long as it will put food on his table. Sometimes I wonder why he takes some certain kind of risk because he doesn’t care if he dies or not.

Tallest just wants to be the ruler of the hood(society) but Chiboy and Aboy aren’t going to stay and watch someone else rule the hood apart from them. This is where tallest started having issues with Aboy and Chiboy.

Tallest is supposed to be dead and gone at the start of the movie but he is the guy with 99 lives. He does not have any power to fight, but he has dreads with both immortals and mortals.


Selina tested

Bellema: she was born out of wedlock. This little girl called Bellema tried all her possible best to make sure that she goes to school and become something in life but her mother wouldn’t assist her in finishing up her school. Her mother never cared if she goes to school or not. All of Bellema’s efforts to see that she finishes school proved abortive until she started selling drugs at her tender age.

After her mother threw her out of the house and refused to help her finish her education, she was left with no other option than to get help from her uncle(Odogwu) who is the brother of Bellema’s mother.

Her uncle(Odogwu) exploited her witnesses and started using her to sell drugs. Bellema’s parts of the story really got me emotional because these are the things that are really happening in our society today.


Selina tested Odogwu

This is Bellema’s uncle, the guy that uses her niece bellema to sell drugs. Odogwu has no mother or father other than his sister who gave birth out of wedlock. Odogwu, Aboy, Chiboy are all in the same confraternity. They all possess the same power. Odogwu is like a father to Aboy and Chiboy.


Selina tested Sibi

Sibi grew up with Aboy and Chiboy in the same society but has never been on good terms with Aboy and Chiboy. In fact, Sibi hated them so much that he always wanted them dead.


Chiboy’s Sister: After someone killed Chiboy’s mother, they started searching for who killed chiboy’s mother and information got to chiboy about the person that killed his mother.

Chiboy’s sister overhead the information about the person that killed the mother. The reason am criticizing this part of the movie is this.

After Chiboy’s sister got the information about the killer of their mother, she started trying to hunt down the killer knowing fully well that her brother can do the job of finding the killer.

She even went to the extent of sleeping with ‘Amura’ the guy that gives out guns in the community, so that she could get a gun from him and also not tell his brother Chiboy about her coming to collect a gun from him(Amura).

All that parts were totally not necessary even going as far as sleeping with the gun owner. Like that scene just wasn’t necessary at all.

Yes they acted that scene for a reason but it was nothing close to realistic. Just needed to criticize that scene. Every other part of the movie was good. kudos to the production team.


The fact that there is no known celebrity in the movie makes it even sweeter because the movie is not just focused on one particular person. Almost every actor in the movie has a lead role.

Selina Tested is a movie I will proudly say is a Hollywood standard kind of movie for the first time. This is the first time in the history of Nigerian movies that we have a season/episode movie that is 1hr long per season/episode without one knowing what is next in the next episode. The suspense, Emotion, Tension, Laughter, etc was top-notch.

This movie is one to watch right from the very first episode to the last because of how educative and addictive it is. I will rate this movie a 100/100.

If you have not watched this movie, scroll back up and you will see the link to each episode and then thank me later after watching.

Drop your comment below if you find this article helpful.

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