Ned Nwoko: Here is what you should know about Regina Daniel’s Husband

Ned Nwoko

how much do you know about Ned Nwoko, his wives, and his children?

In this post, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about Regina daniel’s husband.

At the end of this post, you are going to know who Regina daniel’s husband is, His age, how many wives he married, who are those wives, how many children he has, and other fun stuff about Regina Daniel’s husband you didn’t even know about.

Ned Nwoko

He is popularly known to be a philanthropist, lawyer, Environmentalist, and politician.

He has taken the burden upon himself to make sure that malaria does not exist in Africa by starting a Malaria Eradication Project. He is the owner of Ned Nwoko Malaria Eradication Foundation

Reginal Daniel’s husband comes from a polygamous family which makes him want to marry as many wives as possible and also have as many children as possible.

According to Reginal Daniel’s husband in an interview he held with BBC Pidgin, he says he does not believe in dating a girl before marriage. He believes a girl will fall in love when she is in her husband’s house.

What tribe is Ned Nwoko?

Regina Daniel’s husband is from Delta state in the Aniocha North Local Government area.

Is Ned Nwoko a prince?

Reginal Daniels’s husband is a prince who is born into the Idumuju Ugboko Royal Family in Delta State.

how old is Regina daniels husband

On December 21, 1960, Prince Ned Nwoko was born. Ned Nwoko is 62 years old as of December 21st, 2021.

Regina daniels husband age 2020

Ned Nwoko was 61 years old As of 2020. Born on December 21st, 1960

Is Reginal Daniel’s Husband A Billionaire?

It’s no news that Reginal Daniel’s husband is one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria. Going by the figures, his Net Worth is estimated at $1.5 billion.

Does Ned Nwoko have a private jet?

Ned Nwoko Private Jet

A man as wealthy as Ned will indeed have a private Jet. Reginal Daniels’s husband recently bought a Falcon 7x private jet and he took a picture in it alongside his family.

Regina Daniels Husband’s Age Difference

The Age difference between Regina Daniels and her husband at the time they got married in 2019 was 40 years age difference.  The age difference currently in 2022 between her and her husband is 43 years age difference.

This is what got her fans talking and criticizing the young actress as she got married to a billionaire.

A lot of her fans came out to also criticize the actress for marrying someone older than her and old enough to be her father. Some even came out to say that she got married to Ned Nwoko because of his money.

It was a terrible year for Regina Daniels because of the bullying and backlash she got from her fans.

How Many Wives Does Regina Daniel’s Husband Have?

Reginal Daniels’s husband is known to have 6 wives. However, the ones we know that are popularly known on the internet are 4 which are:

  • Barrister Lilly Nwoko
  • Laila Charania
  • Lina Nwoko
  • Reginal Daniels

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Who is the father to Reginal daniels baby

Regina Daniels

Even though there have been some speculations about Regina Daniel’s Ex being the biological father of Regina Daniels’s child. The real father of Regina Daniels’s baby is Ned Nwoko. The billionaire prince is the real father of Reginal Daniels’s baby.


Pictures of Ned Nwoko’s wives

1. Barrister Lilly Nwoko

Barrister Lilly Nwoko

2. Liala Charania

Laila Charania

3. Liily Nwoko

Liily Nwoko

4. Regina Daniels

Reginal Daniels

Is Regina Daniels still married to Ned Nwoko?

Regina Daniels is still married to her billionaire husband Ned Nwoko. The popular Nollywood actress got married to her husband in 2019 and they are still very much together with a child.

Ned Nwoko’s first wife picture

Barrister Lilly Nwoko is the first wife of ned Nwoko the billionaire prince.

Barrister Lilly Nwoko

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