20 Hot List Of New Nigerian Movies on Youtube

List of new Nigerian movies on YouTube

Looking for a list of new Nigerian Movies in 2022 / 2023 to watch and enjoy during your leisure time? this list will save your data and time in trying to figure out the good Nollywood movies to watch on youtube.

I am going to share with you the top 20 trending list of new Nigerian movies on youtube that you will love.

20 Hot List Of New Nigerian Movies on Youtube

1) Hot Mess

Hot Mess Nigerian Movie

He believes that only money makes people happy and poor people are not supposed to be happy, laugh or smile until he met a lady.

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2) A Christmas Getaway

A Christmas Getaway Nigerian Movie

Love found Dera on her way to fulfilling one of her many wishes before Christmas.

The List of new Nigerian movies on Youtube is not complete without this master piece of a movie, A Christmas getaway. Even though Shine Roseman is not a comedian, she sure made her viewers laughed through out the whole movie. This movie is filled with laughter, a lot of emotions, and drama.

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3) Finding Me

Finding Me Nigerian Movie

Nothing she does that ever pleases her boyfriend. She is constantly being body-shamed by her boyfriend which left her traumatized and made her do things her boyfriend wants.

If someone you ever loved has ever made you feel less of yourself and you want to come out from that, then this movie made it to the List of new Nigerian movies on Youtube you should watch.

She never believed she is beautiful, she never believed any man would want to be with a fat lady until she found herself. How did she do it?

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4) The Playboy Daddy

The Playboy Daddy Nigerian Movie

When Dave’s only sister passed away and left him with a small child, his playboy lifestyle abruptly came to an end. Dave had left Leona because he wasn’t ready to commit. He now has a desperate need for a woman, but would Leona take him back?

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5) The Stand-In

The Stand-in Nigerian Movie

Their Greed for their father’s wealth and properties pushed them into the wrong hands. They have to figure out how to get their father’s properties back or they lose everything their father has ever worked for before he died.

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6) The Tenant

The Tenant Nigerian Movie

After losing his job and getting another one that pays lesser, he has to look for another side hustle that pays the bill by making available his own apartment where his bosses bring women and pass the night.

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7) The Boys Of Hope Street

The Boys Of Hope Street Nigerian Movie

Man is ready to risk it all with his beautiful boss’s wife for love even though he doesn’t have money to take care of himself.

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8) The General Manager

The General Manager Nigerian Movie

Man possesses a character of stinginess in his home. He would rather have his wife look like a mad woman than bring out money to take care of her and his home. His stingy attitude almost cost him his marriage.

one of the best movies that made it to the list of new nigerian movies on youtube is this movie.

If you have ever been with a guy that is stingy when it comes to taking care of you as a lady, then this is one of the best Youtube Nigerian movies 2022 you should watch and learn.

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9) Let’s Switch Wives

Let's switch wives nigerian movie

This African movie’s storyline is about Couples who are tired of their marriage and ready to divorce their partners have to pass through one last court order. If they fail the test, there will be no divorce.

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10) Mgbechi Goes To School

Mgbechi Goes To School 1 Nigerian Movie

Hate by all women in the village both married and unmarried because everyone wants to be with Sir Zack who is a teacher in the school.

But Mgbechi is the woman he wants. His choice made their love journey a difficult one to attain.

The women in the village and in the school where he teaches will rather die than see Mgbechi and Sir Zack be with each other.

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11) Asa And Magdalene

Asa And Magdalene 1 Nigerian movie

Asa And Magdalene never liked each other right from the first day they met. Asa’s goal in life is not to go to school, but to become a big businesswoman in life.

The only way she can accomplish that is by reuniting with Magdalene, one of her worst enemies.

ASA AND MAGDALENE 1 - Ebube Obio x Destiny Etiko 2022 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

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12) Dumebi

Dumebi Season 1

Dumebi died as a result of maltreatment she got from her madam whom she is staying with as an orphan. Her spirit will not rest until she pays her madam back for everything she did to her.

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13) Breakfast

Breakfast Nigerian Movie

Karma caught up with Roxine after quitting her relationship and job because she needed more money for her extravagant lifestyle which her Job and relationship couldn’t give to her.

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14) A Little Favour

A little Favour Nigerian Movie

Even though she does not have enough money to take care of herself, she still loves her lazy boyfriend with everything she has. Karma came back hunting the boyfriend when he left her for another wealthy woman.

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15) Music, Friendship, And Conflict

music, friendship conflict nollywood movie

Living a ghetto life did not stop her from pursuing her dream. After being diagnosed with an illness, she must fulfill all her wish lists before she dies.

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16) Pretty Thief

Pretty Thief Nollywood Movie

She is beautiful, Tall, with good skin, and all, but she steals for a living. Her past comes back to haunt her after finding love and living the life of her dream.

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17) Jealous Husband

jealous husband season 1

Her husband can not stand the sight of another man coming close to his wife or touching his wife because he is afraid of losing his wife to another man. His obsession with his wife put his marriage in an unrecoverable state.

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18) Okoso

Okoso Season 1

Okposo will do anything to keep women away from her handsome father. if you are down and you want to laugh, then this is one of the top trending Youtube Nigerian movies 2022 to watch because Okoso movie got you covered.

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19) The HouseWife

The house wife season 1

If your husband doesn’t believe that taking care of the home is a full-time job, then this is one of the Nigerian movies to watch on youtube.

In this movie, Her husband never believed that being a housewife is a full-time job until she took matters into her hands.

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20) Mama G Square

Mama G Square season 1

Due to her luxurious lifestyle and unreasonable expectations after meeting her daughter’s suitors, a woman by the name of Mama G decreases the likelihood that her daughter would find a husband.

One of the best Youtube Nigerian movies in 2022 so far with an intriguing storyline filled with laughter and drama.

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There you have it, a hot List of new Nigerian movies on Youtube that you will enjoy watching during holidays or when you are less busy.

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