The Truth About Who will kill Sibi in Selina tested Revealed

Who will kill Sibi in Selina tested

As Selina tested movie gets more intense, everyone in Holy ground is running “Kiti Kiti, and Kata Kata”. Who will kill Sibi in Selina tested movie is the question that comes to mind after Sibi has gone to fortify himself and is now immortal.

Is it going to be Tallest, Chiboy, Aboy, Asa, or even Aboy’s sister that will kill Sibi in Selina tested movie? Because these are the people that Sibi has really offended in the movie.

In this article, I am going to be sharing with you the person that killed Sibi in the Selina Tested movie and there is a video also attached to this post that shows how Sibi was killed. Read and enjoy.

Let’s dive in!

Who will kill Sibi in Selina tested?

Some of us that have been watching the movie right from Selina tested episode 1, we already know Selina tested full story of how the war started in Holyland. We have seen how Sibi and the two close friends who look like brothers(Aboy & Chiboy) have never been on good terms with Sibi before.

We also saw in episode 10 how Sibi killed Aboy’s mother and sister, and when Aboy heard about it and get to find out that it was Sibi that killed his mother, Aboy traveled many kilometers to Edo state just to go and kill Sibi’s mother also. This is where the war began.

How Sibi Killed Chiboy's Sister. who will kill sibi in selina tested?

We also saw in episode 11 how Sibi went to fortify himself in Edo state where the native doctor made him untouchable by any human, after finding out that Aboy and Chiboy were looking to kill him in Holy ground.

And also, when Aboy and Chiboy found out that Sibi is no longer a human and cannot be killed by any mortal/human, they embarked on a journey to the spiritual world just to go and kill Sibi’s spirit so that they could be able to kill him physically, as instructed by Otuaka, who is Aboy’s and Chiboy’s native doctor.

Who will kill Sibi in Selina tested

The war between Aboy, Chiboy, and Sibi did not just start today, it started right from when they were all young.

Aboy and Chiboy have taken so many risks, put their lives on the line, and crossed so many rivers, just to make sure that Sibi does not live anymore.

If these guys can put their lives on the line just because they want to kill Sibi, I don’t think there should be a second-guessed to that question of who will kill Sibi in Selina tested.

Aboy and Chiboy are the people that are going to kill Sibi with everything they have even if it means putting their lives down just to see Sibi go 6ft below in the movie, they are so ready for it. Aboy and Chiboy are the only people in Hollyland that has gotten close to killing Sibi.

These guys are getting closer to killing Sibi in every episode, you can see even in episode 27, how they shot Sibi’s spirit in the spiritual world and it affected Sibi’s physical body that he could not walk nor talked for some days.

Did Aboy kill Sibi in Selina tested?

Aboy Finally killed Sibi in Selina Tested after so many trials to kill Sibi. Watch the video of how Aboy killed Sibi below.

Recall that Aboy shot Sibi in the Spiritual world, and Sibi is still being affected by that shot in the physical world. That shot has made Sibi powerless and handicapped.

Now it’s finally here… watch the video below.

Who Killed Sibi In Selina Tested? Watch How Aboy K#lled Sibi

Who killed Sibi in Selina Tested? Watch How Aboy Killed Sibi In Selina Tested Episode 28.

What happened to Sibi in Selina tested?

Aboy and Chiboy shot Sibi in the Spiritual world which affected him in the physical world and ever since then, Sibi has not been able to get himself for some days now, and the Edo state native doctor that did the power for Sibi to be untouchable is finding it difficult to bring Sibi back to life.

Now that Aboy and Chiboy are back from the spiritual world into the physical world, Sibi couldn’t defend himself anymore because he has been shot in the spiritual world by aboy.

Aboy was able to kill Sibi because Sibi has no power anymore.

Is chiboy dead in selina tested

Chiboy is not dead in Selina tested. He was made to sleep in a grave alongside Aboy so as to transit to the spiritual world where they will see Sibi’s spirit and eventually kill him before they will be able to kill Sibi in real life.

Who is the main character in Selina tested?

There is no main character in the movie. Everybody in Selina tested movie plays a key role in every episode. The movie did not just focus on one person. This is one of the reasons why Selina tested movie is very interesting and not tiring to watch.

For instance, When you think Tallest is the main character, boom! you will see smaller comes into the picture and so on.

It’s not like other Nollywood movies where only one person gets the most on-screen time as the lead actor. Not in this movie, Selina tested, everybody is a lead actor in their own character.


I hope this article was able to answer the question of who will kill Sibi in Selina tested. drop your comment below and also let me know your thought in the comment section on who will kill Sibi in Selina tested.

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