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Storm and Jerry

Storm and jerry is a movie about abusive marriage. In this movie, you are going to learn a lot, especially about how Storm was able to come out of her abusive marriage with her husband Jerry.

This movie is Produced by Ruth Kadiri.

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Movie Information:
Movie Name: Storm And Jerry
Movie Duration 1 hour, 3O Minuits
Movie Format: 360P
Movie Size: 253.15

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Storm and Jerry Cast

  • Ruth Kadiri as Storm
  • Kachi Inochiri as Jerry
  • Atewe Raphael
  • Vivian Gabriel
  • Chijioke Nwokafor

Storm and Jerry is a movie that portrays what women are passing through in their marriages. A lot of women don’t even know how to come out of an abusive relationship. Why some were fortunate enough to come out of an abusive marriage.

Who Is Storm?

Storm is a woman with a good heart, a beautiful, brilliant, and strong lady. Storm is the kind of woman every man dream to have in their arms. She is strong, confident, obedient, and most importantly submissive.

But she lacks one thing, which is finding true love. Not just finding true love but finding the right man for herself was a big problem. Men just want to use her and run away.

Her quest for finding true love led her to the arms of jerry.

Who is Jerry?

Jerry is a black handsome African Nigerian man that no woman can resist his handsomeness at very first sight. Jerry is a man that believes that no woman can control him no matter the kind of love or how beautiful and caring that woman is.

Jerry has everything a woman needs but he lacks the traits of being a good husband/home keeper. In fact, Jerry is the opposite of a gentleman.

He believes he is the man of the house and anything he says or does, stands. Jerry is a man that believes that in other for a man to get respect from a woman, that man needs to beat or maltreat the woman.

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How did the table turn from a husband abusing his wife, to a wife abusing his husband? what changed?

storm and jerry

How a very good and patient-loving woman was forced to turn into a wounded lion and a beast overnight by her husband?

A woman can be caring and loving with all her heart, but when hurt can be like a wounded lion.

Jerry brought out the beast in Storm(his wife). He never knew who storm was and what she can do. He didn’t make his research on the kind of woman she was before marrying her.

Jerry thought Storm is like the other weak women he has dealt with in the past that can’t defend themselves. If only he knew what she was made of.

What Wrong did Storm make?

  1. Storm entered into a relationship just immediately after her 4 years relationship was called off by her boyfriend
  2. She entered into another relationship almost immediately
  3. She accepted to marry her new boyfriend two weeks after entering the relationship

This is what a lot of ladies do in reality. Knowing him for at least a month or 2 months before accepting the marriage proposer would have saved her from that disaster of a marriage.

The signs will be there but 2 weeks is not enough to see such signs. I wouldn’t blame her for doing all of that because you can know a man all your life and he still changes, the moment he gets what he wants.

Summary Of Storm And Jerry Movie

Storm and jerry is a movie about domestic violence. People are even going through the worst cases of domestic violence in society today.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Do not rush into it. Take your time and know who you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Marriage is the greatest black market on earth. You can not fully know a person until you spend a lot of time with that person.

  • Always be patient before going into a relationship
  • Choose wisely who you give your heart to because that person can make or break you.

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