The Gossip Nigerian Movie (Ep 1)

The Gossip Nigerian movie (Ep 1)
The Gossip Nigerian Movie (Ep 1)

The Gossip Nigerian movie (Ep 1) is Produced by Uche Nancy

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THE GOSSIP EPISODE 1 (New Movie) Ruth Kadiri/Ray Emodi & Sonia 2021 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

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The Gossip Nigerian Movie Review

Let’s take a look at what The Gossip Nigerian movie (Ep 1) is all about. In this post, I am going to be reviewing this movie (The Gossip Nigerian Movie Ep 1).

I am also going to be telling us the plot twits and what could have been done better in the movie (The Gossip Nigerian Movie Ep1).

This review will give you a better understanding of the movie (The Gossip Nigerian Movie) and If it is worth your data and time.

At the end of this movie review, you will see the full movie below to watch and also download.


Please note that every movie review we post on our website is based on personal views and what we thought can be better in the movie for future purposes.

You can also have your personal view after watching The Gossip Nigerian Movie (EP 1).

The Gossip Nigerian Movie (Ep 1) Storyline

The Gossip Nigerian Movie Ep 1 has 4 storylines in the movie. starting from the first episode to the last.

I really don’t know the idea behind the movie but what I know is that the movie has 4 storylines which I will be sharing below.

The Gossip Nigerian Movie Story Line

  • First storyline is about the jealous friend and her plots against her best friend
  • The second storyline is about Bringing a Maid into the matrimonial home
  • the third storyline is about the husband cheating
  • the fourth storyline is about the jealous wife
  • And more…

The Gossip Nigerian Movie (EP 1) Plot Twits

In the gossip Nigerian movie (ep 1) There were a lot of plot twists in the movie which led to the different storylines I mentioned above.

right from when Ruth kadiri met a homeless girl on the street, to when a sweet-looking beautiful girl with a nice body shape and a good sense of fashion showed up in ruth kadiri’s house to apply for a housemaid job.

That’s not even all, the plot twist continued when a second maid was brought to Ruth Kadiri’s house because the first girl that applied for the housemaid job,

was too beautiful and hot, with a Big Ass, to be a housemaid. So ruth kadiri chased her away.

The plot twist continued when Ruth Kadiri’s husband(Raymond) was caught cheating. After that, Ruth Kadiri’s marriage scattered because of that cheating.

The Gossip Critics.

Now let’s analyze the movie and see what the producer could have done better. Even though we can’t get things done 100%, at least we can make corrections where necessary when making other movies.

The producer could have done better by making one storyline a bit longer so that we can fully understand what that particular storyline is all about and learn something from that storyline. like in the area of Ruth Kadiri’s husband being a good husband

Which led to Ruth Kadiri’s friend being jealous.

The next thing we see in the movie is a beautiful lady coming to apply for a housemaid job. That one is another part entirely that got me thinking about what the producer was trying to achieve in the movie. let me explain below.

A girl looking for a housemaid job dressed very sexy with a hot summer body knocked on Ruth Kadiri’s gate to apply for a job.

And Ruth Kadiri open the gate and allowed the beautiful lady into her matrimonial home even after complaining to her sister that she will take over her home with that kind of body and shape, Ruth Kadiri still allowed her to enter the house.

The worst part is that she got the job as a maid and also wears bum shots to display her beautifully curved ass while cleaning the house as a maid also.

Then She got fired.

Why wait till she started working as a housemaid in the house before firing her? Does that mean the producer was trying to make the movie unnecessarily long?

2. The Husband is not the cheating type. A scene showed where the second housemaid that they employed told Ruth Kadiri’s sister that Ruth Kadiri’s husband is cheating. The next thing we saw was Ruth Kadiri’s husband hugging a lady in the middle of the road. For me, that was a weak twist in the movie.

3. I understand that the gateman in the house has been with them for a long time. Ruth Kadiri’s sister in the movie caught the gateman peeping at something and the next thing she told her sister (Ruth Kadiri). Immediately the gateman was fired.

You fired a gateman without knowing if her sister was lying or not. Without even knowing what he was peeping at. hmmm


Next time, they should avoid unnecessary scenes in movies.

The area of the housemaid coming into the house could have been avoided in the movie.

It doesn’t look realistic to me. I trust Nigerian ladies. They don’t take nonsense to that extent.

I know they are trying to make money fast, but at least they should have made one storyline longer before moving to the next one.

In all, the movie was a very interesting movie to watch. I really enjoyed it. Ruth Kadiri is not a comedian but you will laugh a lot while watching the movie.

FEATURING: Ruth Kadiri, Ray Emodi, Sonia Uche, Amaechi Anaekwe, Georgina Ibeh, and more…

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