Download Eric And Cosmos Nigerian Movie

Eric And cosmos Nigerian Movie
Eric And cosmos Nigerian Movie

Eric and Cosmos are friends who have lived in the village for so many years without any future ambition in life, other than making trouble in the village.

After so many years of creating troubles in the village, Eric and Cosmus decided to go to the city to make money. Eric and Cosmus went to the city in hopes of turning into a millionaire overnight in the city.

Eric and Cosmus tried everything possible in other to make it in the city but nothing was working for them.

They even worked as a bodyguard in the city but missed the opportunity of making money as a bodyguard.

After so many attempts, Eric and Cosmos decided to open a church and what happened next will shock you.

They opened a church with black magic in other to get plenty of members to come to their church. Eric and Cosmos have the brain

to succeed in life but they want success to come to them immediately. And they are not ready to work hard to make it in life.

Starring: Chinedu Ikedieze, Osita Iheme, Amaechi Muanagor

Watch Eric And Cosmos Nigerian Movie

Watch Eric And Cosmos Movie

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