Karishika Nigerian Movie Mp4 Download (Part 1) 1996

Karishika Nigerian Movie Part 1

A girl named Karishika is sent out into the world by Lucifer to kill, ruin, and entice people in order to expand the population of hell in the 1996 Nigerian horror movie Karishika.

Karishika was produced and released in 1996 by Tony Oneweek.

Watch Karishika Nigerian Movie Part 1

Karishika Part 1

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Movie Information
Movie Name: Karishika Nigerian Movie Part 1
Movie Duration: 2 Hour, 47 Minutes, 34 Seconds
Movie Size: 437.17 MB
Movie Format To Download: 360p Mp4 Video
Language: English

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Karishika Movie Cast

  • Becky Ngosi Okorie As Karishika
  • Bob Manuel Udokwu
  • Sandra Achums
  • Ifeanyi Ekpoenyi
  • Sonny Mcdon
  • Obi Madubuogwu
  • Ejike Metuselah
  • Ameachi Munagor
  • Jennifer Olisa
  • Andy Chukwu
  • Vivian Metchie

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