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Buga Pounds And Dollars 1

Buga Pounds and Dollars 1 is not just a movie for laughs, but also has a lot of lessons that parents can learn from and implement.

A child called Buga started taking responsibility for herself at a tender age while her mother prostitute around. Buga is a very smart and calculative kid, who has a lot of street vibes in her and does not take nonsense.

You cannot call Buga without adding pounds and dollars if you don’t want to be in Buga Pounds and Dollars trouble.

This post has Buga Pounds and Dollars 1, and in this post, you will find the next season to watch and also download.

This movie is produced by Uche Nancy and she is also the executive producer of the movie.

Watch Buga Pounds And Dollars 1

BUGA POUNDS AND DOLLARS 1 (New Movie) Ebube Obio/Flashboy/Sonia/Chinenye 2022 Latest Nigerian Movies

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Fill Information:
Movie Name: Buga Pounds And Dollars 1 Nigerian Movie
Movie format: 360P
Duration: 1hr, 17 minuite, and 7 seconds
Movie Size: 265.92mb

Download Buga Pounds And Dollars Season 1

Watch the Full Movie Here

Buga Pounds And Dollars 1 Cast

Actors and actresses that played key roles in the movie:

  • Stephen Odimgbe
  • Chinenye Innebe
  • Sonial Uche
  • Obio Oluebube
  • Juliet Ekeson. J

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